The development sector, a cornerstone of global progress, relies on transparency, accountability, and efficient resource management. At AB, we understand the unique challenges faced by International Organizations (IOs), Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and other development agencies. We offer a comprehensive suite of audit, accounting, and advisory services designed to empower you to maximize your impact, demonstrate responsible stewardship of donor funds, and achieve your development goals.

Our team of experienced professionals possesses a deep understanding of the development sector, its regulatory environment, and best practices in financial management. We provide a range of services tailored to your specific needs:

NGO Audits & Reviews: We conduct independent audits and reviews that comply with donor requirements, ensuring transparency and accountability in the use of funds.

Grant Compliance & Risk Management: We assist with navigating complex grant regulations, mitigating risks of non-compliance, and ensuring proper utilization of grant funds.

Financial Reporting & Controls: We implement robust financial reporting and internal control frameworks, fostering trust with donors and stakeholders.

Impact Measurement & Evaluation: We provide guidance on developing and implementing strategies to measure and evaluate the impact of your development programs.

A Holistic Approach to Advancing Development

Beyond traditional audits, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to support your mission:

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Solutions: We provide scalable accounting and bookkeeping services specifically designed for development organizations, ensuring accurate financial records and timely reporting.
  • Tax Planning & Compliance: We assist with navigating complex tax regulations applicable to development organizations, ensuring compliance and maximizing available resources.
  • Capacity Building & Training: We offer training programs on financial management, grant proposal writing, and other essential skills for development professionals.
  • Fundraising & Resource Mobilization: We provide guidance on developing effective fundraising strategies and maximizing resource mobilization efforts.
  • Risk Management & Sustainability Planning: We help identify and mitigate potential risks to your organization’s sustainability, ensuring long-term impact and continued success.

Why Choose AB?

  • Industry-Focused Expertise: Our team possesses a deep understanding of the development sector, its challenges, and best practices.
  • Commitment to Development Impact: We share your passion for positive change and are dedicated to supporting your organization’s mission of achieving sustainable development goals.
  • Global Reach & Local Knowledge: Our network of professionals offers global expertise with a deep understanding of local regulations and development contexts.
  • Trusted Advisor Relationship: We work collaboratively with your team to understand your unique goals and develop a customized strategy for success.